Currently I'm a Free Software Developer working as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat on Samba and MIT Kerberos.

I'm a member of the international Samba Core Team. In my spare time and partly in my worktime I also work on libssh, a library implementing the SSH/SFTP protocol. I'm the maintainer of the lightweight unit testing framework for C with mock support named cmocka. I develop and maintain the cwrap project, a set to of tools for client and server testing. I've also developed the two-way file synchronizer csync. It is used by ownCloud as the desktop client sync engine.

Community Involvement

  • Samba - Samba Team member and active developer and researcher
  • cmocka - Maintainer and developer
  • cwrap - Maintainer and developer
  • libssh - Maintainer and active developer
  • KDE - Maintainer of kio_sftp and active developer
  • csync - Maintainer and developer
  • CMake - Module developer and maintainer

Employment History

Red Hat GmbH - since 2009

Principal Software Engineer - Samba, FreeIPA, Cockpit, cmocka and cwrap

SUSE Linux Products GmbH - 2006-2009

Software Engineer - Samba and File Synchronization

Siemens A&D - 2003-2005

Java Developer (as a working student)


Testing your full software stack with cwrap
LWN.net Weekly Edition for April 24, 2014
Unit testing with mock objects in C
LWN.net Weekly Edition for July 18, 2013

Public Speaking

SambaXP 2008-2013 Göttingen, Germany
Printing in Samba 4.0 (together with Günther Deschner)
FreeIPA Cross Forest Trusts (together with Alexander Bokovoy)
DCERPC and Endpoint Mapper
Documenting the Source, Doxygen
Roaming Home Directories for Linux (csync)
FOSDEM 2010 Bruxelles, Belgium
Roaming Home Directories for Linux (csync)
SUSE 2008 Nuremberg, Germany
The CMake build system